88’ Style (Pairs)

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88’ Style (Pairs)

Want to replace your cracked tabs on your 1988 3's or give a pair of 3’s the vintage 1988 look? Made based on an actual true 1988 Jordan 3 heel tab (3rd picture) so they are true to the font style of the original 1988 3's.

Once an order is placed you will be contacted with the address to send shoes IN THE ORDER THAT ORDERS HAVE BEEN PLACED. ***If it is not your turn to send your shoes in you will not get an email with a shipping address until your spot comes up so the wait to send your shoes in can be up to a few weeks depending on your spot in line.

Once completed return shipping must be paid within 1 week (7 days) or the shoes are forfeited as payment for the inconvenience and I am allowed to do with the shoes as I please.

All sales are final for service work and there is absolutely no refunds, returns or exchanges with this service or any other service. By purchasing a spot to have work done the buyer is aware and agreeing to the terms.